May 25th

08:00 HS

Registration Opens & Breakfast

08:45 HS

Pre-Hack Orientation

09:00 HS

Intro to Solidity & Smart Contracts

Dan Nolan

09:30 HS

Crypto-collectibles Using OpenZeppelin

Elena Nadolinski

10:00 HS

Intro to dApp Development

Yondon Fu

10:25 HS


10:40 HS

Securing Institutional Crypto-assets

Sergio Lerner

11:10 HS

Building Mobile dApps

Pete Kim

11:40 HS

Hydro Protocol - Exchange the world with Decentralized Exchange

Josh Rio

12:10 HS

RCN: bridging different projects in Solidity

Agustin Aguilar

12:35 HS


14:00 HS

Community and Communal Magic

Andy Tudhope

14:30 HS

Hacking the Solidity Compiler

Federico Bond

15:00 HS

Integrating the Ledger Nano S in your Dapps with Ledger JS

Fred de Villamil

15:25 HS


15:40 HS

Live Free and Dai Hard: How Maker Built a More Stable Coin

Mariano Conti

16:10 HS


Lane Rettig

16:40 HS

State Channels

Ameen Soleimani

17:05 HS


17:35 HS

Token Curation Markets

Simon de la Rouviere

18:05 HS

Getting started with ZeppelinOS

Facundo Spagnuolo

18:35 HS

Your first Aragon app

Luis Cuende & Luke Duncan

19:00 HS


20:00 HS

Hackathon Opening Ceremony

22:00 HS

Team Formation & Hacking Begins